Incorporating Renewable Energy into the Philippines Grid

The Philippines is one of the countries that will be impacted most by climate change.

Extreme weather events like super typhoons and flooding due to torrential rainfall will have a devastating impact on the local economy; the population must try and mitigate the effect of climate change.

To address power supply issues, the Philippines has started to invest heavily in renewable energy.

The Department of Energy forecasts demand to double by 2040, far exceeding the existing dependable capacity. And the Philippines is abundant with natural resources, and the capacity for renewable energy.

Incorporating renewable energy into a grid design for traditional energy supplies has its challenges. According to Paulo Reyes, NovaTech Sales and Engineering Consultant – Asia, who resides in the Philippines, “It is very important for the grid to have the accurate monitoring of the data because of the dispatch – energy generation monitoring of the energy generation of the different power plants, and then the curtailment of power, depending on the frequency that the grid has. The NovaTech automation platform product helps us a lot with the implementation of green energy solutions; in our system right now we can see generation and the load that they’re giving to us.”

He adds, “The installations of green energy solutions in the Philippines helps us in the alleviation of the carbon footprint that we currently have.”

Another positive impact of the green energy installations in the Philippines is lesser cost for electricity because the generation for the green energy power plants is much more cost efficient than running a diesel cell or coal power plant. If the electrical industry has a lower price point for its electricity, the Philippines can see more investment come into the country.

NovaTech Automation is proud to part of the Philippines’ efforts in engineering climate resilience by ensuring energy security and the decarbonization of our shared planet.

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