Shut Down to Optimize: Monitoring power usage in NovaTech’s Kansas facility

Knowledge is Power.

In 2021 NovaTech introduced its Keep it Cool initiative, a company-wide effort to reduce carbon emissions.  As a part of this effort, NovaTech set out to implement energy efficiency systems and to measure the efficiency of these systems. A logical first step is to implement building-wide power monitoring.

In this video, we develop a new electrical elementary diagram for the building – these replace obsolete drawings that are not updated recently enough to be trusted.  We also install a “smart monitor” in the large step-up transformer in our building to get a better idea of some real time power use in our manufacturing area and warehouse.

By the end, we will know exactly what connects to what in the building.  We will have the ability to monitor our step-up transformer in real time and view health trends. And, we will gain experience that may be useful for future product developments at NovaTech.

Next time, NovaTech will install metering equipment at strategic places in the building.

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